Name Age M/F Wish Designers
Stacy 11 M I wish to be an NFL player Bryan Anderson, Chelsea Taylor, Aimee Martinelli
Alissa 11 F I wish to go surfing in Hawaii Laura Clem, Taylor Seivert
Michael 18 M I wish to have wings like a gargoyle Amber Beckham, Amy Lundwall
Eilene 11 F I wish to meet Mariah Carey Shayna Isenberg, Brianna Scheyer
Katarina 16 F I wish to become a Chef Jennifer Dolence, Lynne Orlowski
Lizbeth 16 F I wish to become a nurse Kelly Hatch, Laura LeGoullon, Kristen Barnett
Gwen 7 F I wish to dig up dinosaur bones in ancient ruins Maria Miller, Lisa Fisbeck
Stefon 15 M I wish to meet Shaq and play baseball at ASU Ashli Johnson, Nicole Hyatt
Kathy 13 F I wish to be a famous singer like Cassie (R&B singer) Lauren Lochry, Gina Ferraro
Diego 14 M I wish to become a race car designer Jake Wendt, Maura Gonzalez
Rainni 10 F I wish to meet Billy Ray Cyrus Carrie Roberts, Julia Beardsley
C.C. 10 F I wish to be a helicopter pilot Stephanie Ankebrant, Shelby Sickler